What if? What if all the people of our country and indeed the whole world knew who they were through uBuntu and adopted uBuntu as a way of life? When everyone dared to say: “uBuntu – I Am because We Are. We Are All One,” what kind of people would we be and what kind of a world would we create?

What if we found more and more ways to make this idea workable?


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1. uBuntu is the unique African demonstration of the central inter-related, inter-connected and inter-dependent reality of life. I Am because We Are. Confirmed in our Ancient Cosmology uBuntu constitutes our Spiritual Heritage and identity and the original vision for South Africa, our continent, and indeed the whole world that has been passed down from generations to generations to where we find ourselves today. uBuntu celebrates both - that which we have in common as well as our colourful diversities. uBuntu invites us to ‘do onto another as we would like to have done to our-self’ because We Are All One. Thriving in togetherness uBuntu calls for the consideration of ‘the other’ through an open and expansive view on life and always serves the Greater Good.
2. uBuntu renders all of life Divine and Sacred. This is our Highest Potential and our primal condition which is our spiritual and natural bond, the foundation for our moral order and the basis for our responsibility toward our fellow human beings and all of life. Rather than a creed uBuntu is carried in the heart of people and life is lived as an expression of Who We Really Are. As we connect with our Divine essence and inner wisdom throughout our life’s journey we allow the finest and the highest levels of human potential to flourish for the benefit of all.
3. uBuntu is deeply rooted in Africa’s ancient universal spiritual principles of law, order and justice, and values such as love, respect, peace, dignity, freedom, caring and sharing, truth, freedom, responsibility, compassion, and cooperation that underlie this charter. These values and principles lie at the core of our being and are always ready to be expressed through us and call on us to take pride in the ancient roots from which they come.
4. uBuntu is the cornerstone of community where the needs of the one are the needs of many, and where the expression and enjoyment of unique individual gifts and talents is nurtured always in the interest of the prospering of the whole community. uBuntu affirms family as the nucleus of society and reminds us that its wellness and wholeness has an effect on the entire civilization and the world. uBuntu is Spirit in action that is expressed in all spheres of life; evident in our caring and sharing and how we treat our children, the elders and our fellow human beings, and in how we govern and lead and treat the environment. We are mindful of our humanness and our wonderful place in all of creation.
5. Ubu + ntu confirms life as a Process of Becoming within which humans are called to achieve their Highest Potential. Realising the purpose, ongoingness and depth of life we respect those who and that which have come before and we take responsibility for what we leave behind. Consideration for this aspect of uBuntu leads to tolerance and compassion for those on the road with us; valuing all as essential and responsible for the whole.
6. The ultimate instruction for human growth and transformation is for us to know our self. For this reason we continuously invest energy into the development and cultivation of Consciousness that allows uBuntu to blossom in and through us for the benefit of the whole of society. Personal transformation and personal renaissance translate into social transformation and social renaissance.

7. We are a Kosmic Community. With our lives intimately intertwined with nature and the environment, we gracefully follow the rhythm and the cycles of life and we appreciate the natural elements and Spirit as a living part of us. We see our-self and our environment as Sacred space and allow this to come together so that a deeper understanding of our own character and place in the universe becomes possible. And as we sing, dance and communicate; as we perform our rituals through this connection, we strengthen our bond with our self and all of society and live in harmony with the natural environment and all of life. The Kosmos comes alive and thrives through us.

I pledge,
to live this charter of non-separation; of the unity of life and the oneness of all things, in a practical way and not merely in a conceptual way. And I allow uBuntu to blossom in and through me is such a way that it becomes part of my subconscious and immediate response to every life encounter. Living uBuntu is the best way to share it.

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