What if? What if all the people of our country and indeed the whole world knew who they were through uBuntu and adopted uBuntu as a way of life? When everyone dared to say: “uBuntu – I Am because We Are. We Are All One,” what kind of people would we be and what kind of a world would we create?

What if we found more and more ways to make this idea workable?



Although much has been attempted and achieved to bring about reconciliation and unity and to inculcate a sense of nation-building and social cohesion amongst the diverse and fragmented communities of South Africa since the advent of democracy in 1994, we sadly continue to be confronted with serious issues of racism; poverty; inequality; homophobia and xenophobia; violence and killings; greed, fraud and corruption; intolerance, etc.

It is between knowing the Real Value of uBuntu on the one hand and the sad reality of our lives on the other that the Humanity’s Team South Africa’s uBuntu Civics Academy was born.

The uBuntu Civics Academy was born to play an impactful role in the Reclaiming and Living of uBuntu in such a way that our Common Dream is realized at last. It plays a role in and contributes towards:

• Uniting people around a common dream and vision and creating a new generation and a critical mass of uBuntu Keepers

• Positive development of identity in individuals and society. uBuntu becomes the mirror through which we see ourselves and in determining our vision for ourselves and our world

• Assisting the Government of South Africa in their deep desire and commitment to social cohesion and nation-building – to transform and build a caring and proud society based on shared values and a vision informed by the principles of uBuntu

• The revival of the respect for our Spiritual and Cultural Heritage and our Indigenous Knowledge and Symbols

• Renewed respect for our natural environment and resources

• The manifestation of uBuntu on the ground and the facilitation of connecting the Good

• The attainment of uBuntu’s rightful place in society as an all-encompassing answer to our common challenges


Read the uBuntu Charter and Pledge