What if? What if all the people of our country and indeed the whole world knew who they were through uBuntu and adopted uBuntu as a way of life? When everyone dared to say: “uBuntu – I Am because We Are. We Are All One,” what kind of people would we be and what kind of a world would we create?

What if we found more and more ways to make this idea workable?


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The fact that we are always pulled by our highest potential is explained in Ancient African Spirituality through the dung (scarab) beetle (kheper or khepera) that is naturally able to detect its path through the light of the sun during the day and as it is reflected through the Milky Way during the night. The dung they collect is formed into a ball for the purpose of laying their eggs and for the young dung beetles to feed on as they hatch – making it possible for them to emerge fully formed.

Kheper or khepera is also the Egyptian verb meaning; to come into being, to change, to develop, to occur, to bring about, to create, etc. It represents self-generation and self-renewal and is also linked with the direct meaning of uBuntu: ubu = to become, and, ntu = Highest Being/Potential. Khepera stands for metamorphosis, and emergence.
uBuntu Keepers look at themselves and the world through the mirror of uBuntu; they are catalysts for change and co-creators of a better world for all.

uBuntu Keepers carry the Torch of uBuntu and steward the profound belief that humanity can live in harmony with each other and the Earth.

uBuntu Keepers believe in uBuntu; our underlying Oneness and Unity, and that change and a better world for all is possible. These pioneers are the people who are not fazed by cynicism and negativity. These pioneers are people who refuse to buy in-to hopelessness. These are the pioneers who choose to normalise love and hope instead of fear and despair. As these pioneers are part of the historical opening of the human psyche, their story of possibility helps to prepare the soil for the belief in the Great Turning Point to take root.

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